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About the Project

The Project “New quality of neurological rehabilitation and long-term care in Tabita centre” is co-funded by the EEA and Norway Grants under the Programme PL07 “Development and better adaptation of health care to demographic and epidemiological trends”.

The main aim of the Project is to increase availability to high-quality neurological rehabilitation for people after strokes and other acute brain incidents and to long-term care services. The scope of the Project includes: construction and modernization works, purchase of medical equipment and a number of non-investment actions such as conducting trainings for medical staff, education and promotion.

One of the key components of the Project is creating an innovative ergotherapy unit, enabling effective rehabilitation of the disabled, including people after acute brain incidents. Ergotherapy allows to increase patients’ motor skills and self-reliance. Apart from typical physiotherapy, ergotherapy offers practical solutions enabling patients to maintain personal hygiene, prepare meals and perform other everyday activities.

The total value of the Project is 1 640 388 PLN, including 1 312 310 PLN of co-funding from EEA and Norway Grants (80% of eligible costs).

The estimated Project duration is 18 months.

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