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About US

The Tabita Care and Rehabilitation Centre is located in Konstancin-Jeziorna, a town near Warsaw, with spa traditions reaching the 19th century. Thanks to this location, patients stay near Warsaw (less than 20 km), and at the same time far from the hubbub of a large agglomeration, on a plot of land covering several hectares, covered with mature pine woodland, through which the Jeziorka river flows.

Tabita offers modern infrastructure, without any architectural barriers, adapted to the needs of elderly and disabled persons. We provide patients with single and twin rooms equipped with alarm systems. The centre has also prepared rooms for patients’ guests.

From January 2010, Tabita constitutes part of the LUX MED Group, the leader of private medical services in Poland. The Group provides medical care to persons of all age in over 170 facilities in the whole of Poland – among other things, patients benefit from consultations with physicians of several dozen specialties, complex diagnostic tests, outpatient and inpatient care. The takeover of the Tabita centre constitutes another step taken by the LUX MED Group towards development of rehabilitation services and services provided for the elderly. The fact that the facility constitutes part of the Group provides patients with security and high quality of care, the standards of which are based on global medical models.

Our Staff

Tabita’s Patients are under the care of excellent doctors, physiotherapists and qualified auxiliary personnel who have many years of experience in rehabilitation of orthopaedic and neurological patients. Thanks to their knowledge, skills and use of modern medical apparatus, the rehabilitation process is efficient and professional.

Medical Services

Tabita offers a high-quality general and neurological rehabilitation and short and long-term care services. We have created an innovative ergotherapy unit, enabling effective rehabilitation of the disabled, including people after acute brain incidents. Ergotherapy allows to increase patients’ motor skills and self-reliance. Apart from typical physiotherapy, ergotherapy offers practical solutions enabling patients to maintain personal hygiene, prepare meals and perform other everyday activities.

Scope of Tabita’s commercial services:

• Rehabilitation inpatient ward
• Long and short term care and treatment
• The rehabilitation and treatment procedure programmes (packages):
   after the implanting of an endoprosthesis
   after stroke

During the commercial stay, we guarantee the following services:
• 24h medical care,
• 24h nursing care,
• care by a GP,
• 24h accommodation (including access to a TV, telephone, WiFi),
• full board in accordance with dietary recommendations,
• assistance in selection of appropriate rehabilitation and auxiliary equipment,
• concierge services.

Selected procedures founded by the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ):

• Neurological rehabilitation inpatient ward
• General rehabilitation inpatient ward
• General rehabilitation daily ward
• Long term care and treatment at Residential Care Facility (ZOL) is cofounded by NFZ

The psychosomatic inpatient rehabilitation founded by the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

Scope of physiotherapy procedures available at Tabita Centre:

Kinaesthetic therapy breathing exercises
· antithrombotic exercises
· isometric exercises
· active-passive exercises
· supported exercises
· passive and active verticalisation
· kinaesthetic sense exercises
· learning to walk (flat areas, stairs)
· classic massage – one section & whole body
· vibration massage AQUAVIBRON
· pneumatic exercise – BOA
· massage on a massaging chair
· dry CO2 bath – THERAGAZ
· Kinesiology Tapping
Physical therapy
· magnetic therapy
· terapuls
· short-wave diathermy
· DD currents
· iontophoresis
· galvanisation
· Träbert’s currents
· Kotz’s currents
· interference currents
· electrostimulation
· ultrasounds
· phonophoresis
· combination therapy
· phototherapy
· laser
· localised cryotherapy
· whirlpool bath for upper/lower limbs

Contact details:

LUX MED Tabita Ltd., 43 Długa Str., Konstancin-Jeziorna, 05-510
phone: +48 22 737 64 00, fax: +48 22 737 64 56

Polish-speaking clients
• Mrs. Elżbieta Urlik, Concierge, business phone +48 695 290 146
(open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm)
• Reception, phone +48 22 737 64 00
(open Monday to Friday, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm)

English-speaking clients
• email address:

Grupa Lux Med Sp. z o.o.

LUX MED Tabita Sp. z o.o.
ul. Długa 43
05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna
tel. 22 737 64 00
e-mail: tabita(at)
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